Virtual Training Workshops

Instructor Led Interactive Virtual Training Workshops

We can deliver virtual workshops on most topics. Our ready-to-go virtual workshops are 2 hours each including a break.

The workshops are delivered live by one of our brilliant Virtual Training Team Coaches.

Our specialism is learning transfer and engagement. This means that the workshops are designed to maximise involvement and relevance for your learners.

As your colleagues could be dialing in from anywhere in the world, our coach will help them feel that they are all in the training room together.

Our preferred virtual platform is WebEx as we feel this has the most useful tools for interaction and engagement. However, we can deliver our workshops on any Virtual platform if you have an alternative preference.

Anything that a quality face to face training workshop delivers can be achieved in our virtual workshops. Here are just a few examples of how we build in learning transfer and engagement:

Psychology, Business Research and Science

Plenary Conversations

Real Life Learner Examples

Breakout Groups

Paired Interviews


Case Studies

White Boards

Visuals to Annotate

Chat Function

Our approach is:

Fun & Upbeat


Pacy & Fluid


All supported by a virtual handout that learners complete as they attend the workshop.

We have a suite of ready-to-go virtual workshops for you to choose from:

  • Managing Performance (Individual workshops or Virtual programme)
  • Train the Virtual Trainer
  • Running Virtual Meetings
  • Wellbeing
  • Sales Training (Individual workshops or Virtual programme)
  • Ideation & Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service Training (Individual workshops or Virtual programme)
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • MBTi
  • Virtual Project Teams

If what you need isn't on our list then maybe we can still help you in another way:-

  • Create Virtual Workshops for you on many topics.
  • Convert content that you already have in your face-to-face training into virtual Workshops for your organisation.
  • Create a blended learning programme for you.
  • Adapt our ready-to-go workshops to reflect your specific needs.
  • Re-design our workshops to reflect your own branding.
  • Deliver a workshop face-to-face for some and virtually for others.
  • Provide our Coaches to deliver your own Virtual workshops.
  • Train your trainers to deliver brilliant Virtual Workshops.