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Coaching Conversations for Managers

This is a global engineering organisation with its head office in the UK. VTT runs a number of training delivery programmes with this client. On this occasion a recent engagement survey had highlighted that team members wanted more and better coaching from their managers ongoing. A programme was developed for delivery across India, the US and EMEA for ‘Coaching Conversations’.

  • Engagement Survey highlighted a need for improved coaching by managers.
  • Managers geographically distributed across continents.
  • Requirement for consistency across the organisation.
  • Client required that the workshops be highly practical.

VTT designed a 3-hour virtual workshop that included the following:-

  • Highly interactive processes for participants
  • Theory and practical ideas shared
  • Significant practice time in virtual live environments
  • Practice sessions observed by colleagues and coach a like
  • Feedback given ‘live’ to participants

The workshops shared best practice whilst affording managers time to deliver some live coaching and receive feedback and coaching themselves as part of the process. The 3 hours (with a break!) was designed for high interaction and was delivered in an energised way with managers reporting that they enjoyed the process.


Currently more than 160 managers have attended the ‘Coaching Conversations’ workshop across the globe. Feedback from them has been incredibly positive. The programme is ongoing. Not one manager has had to travel to obtain this training, enabling the client to use their training budget further by expanding training availability to all regardless of geographical location. The client is also satisfied that the whole programme has been delivered consistently across borders and time zones and will continue to be so.


A client engagement survey highlighted a need for improved coaching by managers.

The challenge for VTT was to deliver a highly practical, engaging workshop which included real time practice, observation and feedback all done virtually.

Time Management for Time Poor Employees

The client is an international law firm sited across Germany. The key focus of the challenge for VTT was delivering time management training virtually to employees who were extremely time poor and hired out to their clients by hourly billing.

A solution was needed to account for multiple participants from the same location to learn together whilst the VTT trainer delivered the workshop virtually. The training programme needed to take into account participants being ‘away from their desk’ for the minimum time due to client billing procedures.

  • Time management training required for time poor employees.
  • Multiple locations across Germany.
  • Training to be translated and delivered in German.
  • A hybrid approach of delivery required - the VTT trainer was virtual.
  • Maximum training transfer in minimum training time.

This scenario required a training design and delivery which maximised participants exposure to new ideas, tips and techniques, all delivered in 100 minute sprints and included:-

  • Delivery in local language
  • Hybrid approach with participants in the same room and the coach being virtual
  • A very practical and condensed training sprint designed and delivered succinctly
  • The hybrid approach allowed for participants to be away from their workspace for the minimum time

VTT designed a highly interactive and engaging sprint workshop that had participants involved from minute 1 to 100. The hybrid approach of the participants being in a room together with a virtual coach meant they could stand-up and use the space in the room to complete whiteboard and post-it note activities. The actions taken away were on managing mindset, focus, energy and workflow.


Engagement was high by attendees and the feedback massively positive - participants enjoyed learning in their first language.

Having participants from the same location learn together was a real positive, as was the minimising of time away from billing clients. The 100 minutes duration was really popular for this programme.


Time management for time poor employees.

Read this case study to see how we overcame time challenges for client billing employees by using a hybrid virtual process. We also designed for maximising the training time and delivered in a local language.

Growth Mindset Development

This situation required VTT to consider how to encourage a growth mindset for employees in a forward looking city council in the UK. Culturally, the client organisation wanted to encourage truly self developing employees who would drive their own performance conversations. This requirement was borne out of the organisational vision the client had developed.

  • 100 minute workshops required.
  • Participants located in multiple sites.
  • Multiple job roles/seniority amongst participants.
  • Shift systems in place for different teams.
  • Positive organisational move to using Microsoft Teams more and embracing technology.

VTT designed a virtual sprint workshop that was both practical and inspiring which included:-

  • Bespoke design of a 100 minute sprint workshop on Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Multiple time deliveries across shift patterns of participants
  • A focus on creating a more self-led approach to learning & development
  • Encouraging participants to drive their own performance conversations
  • Helping participants to enjoy reflecting on their own performance
  • Enhancing a digital approach to all training

The programme has been ongoing and has had 70+ voluntary participants with amazing feedback on the sprint workshops. Different departments have appreciated the flex of training delivery to be inclusive of shift patterns. All sprints have been delivered virtually with no travel or extra time away from the workplace other than time attending. Participants report the willingness to own their personal development and a determination to drive their performance in a highly demanding work environment.


Bespoke design and delivery of ‘Growth Mindset’ virtual workshops.

A forward thinking city council in the UK asked us to design a bespoke workshop to align with their culture and vision, encouraging employees to drive their own development.

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It was phased really nicely. I liked the way the programme built. The practical sessions were really useful.

Jane Clarke

Learning & Development Account Manager

The tips for creating interaction - despite doing virtuals for a loooong time, I learnt new things. I also loved watching the coach in action - a real pro! Keep up the great work - you're an inspiration!

Andrew Nolan

Head of Leadership Development

Structure for design - got me out of my rut and also increased my confidence. Also loved the ideas for how to make slides more visually appealing.

Oscar Navarro

Instructional Design Manager