Virtual Train the Trainer Programmes: A Complete Guide

Virtual Train the Trainer Programmes are learning courses that provide new trainers with methods and techniques in order to provide training for others.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) - Unraveling the Mysteries

Virtual Instructor-Led Training, a complete guide. Learn how VILT is a future of classroom training, benefits, advantages, top tips, and best platform.


Virtual Training - A Complete Guide to Everything You
Need to Know

Virtual training is a method in which a virtual environment is used by a trainer/coach to show, explain and teach certain skills in order to help others learn.


The Secrets To Conducting Great Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meeting: Learn what is virtual meeting, why all business is using this, what are the best platforms to run it successfully and complete benefits.


What is Blended Learning?

A complete guide on blended learning. Learn all tips to make it successful with implementation, benefits, components and etc.


The Comprehensive Guide to Remote Work

Remote Work: complete guide on what is remote work, why do we need remote work, benefits, technical challenges,the impact on mental health and more.


How to Set Up a Successful Virtual Conference?

Learn what is virtual conference, how do virtual conferences work, what platforms facilitate it, pros and cons, what do I need to run a virtual conference and what type of business do virtual conferences suit.



Here is what some of our clients are saying about us

Out internal trainers all loved the Delivery Masterclasses. It provided them with energy, new insights and ideas to improve their own delivery. This was the first time we used an external provider to deliver virtual training. The results were better than some of our F2F training. Initially some trainers were sceptical about the added value of virtual training but all of them appreciated this afterwards. The sessions were fun, upbeat, focussed, well timed and interactive, improving our training quality.

Frank van Bommel
RWS Moravia

Catherine is an absolute pro, incredibly knowledgeable and engaging at the same time - a winning combination. Amazing to have her to learn from, and I actually really enjoyed spending 12 hours virtually with her... I also really appreciate the offer of ongoing support if needed, and the community sounds great to use as a sounding board. Thank you to the Virtual Training Team!

Kate Williams
Client Director

I went into the session with low expectation - how could I stay focused on a virtual training session for the best part of 6 hours - it flew by and the VTT coach used all the facilities of the platform to make it really engaging and insightful thanks.

Terry Lawler
In-House Coach
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