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Training Design for USA/UK Training Programme

Our client - a global agricultural organisation had developed a successful F2F solution for appraisal training both for managers and contributors. The training had been previously only delivered F2F in the UK with the challenge being that they now wanted the same solution to cover the whole of the USA/UK.

VTT were approached to design and then deliver a virtual solution for both managers and contributors so that consistency and inclusion were achieved.

  • The UK had training available only in a F2F format.
  • The USA had no training available at all.
  • Providing the USA with F2F workshops would induce significant cost where there was no appropriate budget.
  • The next appraisal round was imminent meaning significant time pressure on delivery.
  • The client wanted to create consistency for all in both countries.

The solution required VTT to convert a pre-existing F2F 1 day workshop to a virtual approach:-

  • Designing x2 100 minute manager sprint workshops
  • Designing x1 100 minute contributor sprint workshop
  • Delivering virtual sprint workshops to 20 managers
  • Delivering virtual sprint workshops to 48 contributors
  • Availability to all in both countries for ongoing virtual training


Both the design and delivery delighted the client as they now had training accessible to all in both countries. Additionally, consistency of approach and training delivery was achieved, removing all need for travel.

The training sprints are available ongoing and proving to be a great way of bringing new entrants across both countries to meet and learn together.


Converting F2F appraisal training materials to a virtual approach.

This case study demonstrates the power of conversion to virtual training which enabled a programme to be delivered both inclusively and swiftly.

Training Design for Virtual and F2F Delivery in a ‘Flipped’ Format

An insurance industry client posed VTT a challenge, resulting from engagement survey information evidencing that their managers needed to improve the quality of conversations concerning challenging issues. Managers were either struggling to induce difficult conversation or indeed were avoiding them entirely.

The solution needed design for both virtual and F2F delivery that could also be included in a wider leadership development programme.

  • Supporting managers to have well-constructed challenging conversations.
  • The solution needed design for both virtual and F2F delivery.
  • The training needed to provide practical approaches delivered in bite-sized workshops.
  • Key subject areas needed to be defined for focus in the training delivery.

2 design approaches were developed for a suite of 3 workshops to include both virtual and F2F delivery.

3 workshops were designed to focus on key subject areas:

  1. Giving Feedback
  2. Coaching Conversations
  3. Career Conversations

A ‘flipped’ design was developed for the workshops. Participants watch a pre-prepared video of theory and content before attendance.

TWorkshop time was used to practice the theory and content with feedback.

The pre-work videos were placed on the client LMS - so available for all - rather than just participants.


The 3 ‘flipped’ workshops are now delivered via both virtual and F2F approaches successfully and have been oversubscribed for attendance since inception. Use of the videos from the client LMS has been significant and feedback from managers overwhelmingly positive. The workshops are also now part of a wider leadership programme within the client organisation.


Designing training content for both virtual and F2F environments.

This case study evidences how skilled design allows for training content to be delivered consistently both virtually and F2F including a ‘flipped’ approach for both.

Design for Virtual Global Vision and Values programme

An engineering consultancy, growing globally through merge & acquisition, wanted to align it’s vision and values as this process took place. The main thrust was to deliver results through their people on a global scale with training available to all. So as the company grew, its employees, new and existing, could align themselves in the right way to drive future success.

VTT designed interactive virtual workshops focussed on vision and values for managers and also provided supporting materials.

  • The organisation was growing rapidly by merge & acquisition.
  • Alignment for all against the vision and values was a key goal.
  • Managers were required to promote the right vision and values.
  • The training roll out needed to be global.
  • Time and language challenges needed to be met.
  • 5 training modules were designed for virtual delivery for global release for all managers
  • Key modules designed covering company vision and values
  • Toolkits were designed to be downloaded for use by managers with their teams
  • ‘Nudges’ were designed to regularly encourage managers their teams
  • Playbooks were designed and distributed for managers to record ideas, progress and commitments
  • All of the above were connected into the client’s LMS


A global approach to instilling the company vision and values was designed and then delivered for all managers to onwardly coach the approach. Recording of activity and results were afforded by the connection to the LMS. The virtual workshops allowed access to all employees across languages and time zones.


Designing a global vision and values roll-out programme for a developing engineering consultancy - for all managers, in order to develop a consistent approach during times of growth.

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A big impact! I can get a real sense of how we can use VC's to replicate classroom delivery much closer and create meaningful delegate participation that move webinar delivery from "tell" to "interactive learning" that is far more like a F2F class workshop, using the many available features!

Sebastian Hawthorn

Head of L&D, EMEA

The first thing that attracted us to The Virtual Training Team was the name itself. Virtual training was the very thing we wanted to introduce into our business so the clue was in the title. A free one hour demo was quickly arranged and from this we never looked back. The session was professional, engaging, interactive and it was also fun. VTT really brought the session to life and their passion for this type of delivery was clear for everyone to see.

Rob Hughes

Learning Business Partner

I was impressed with the technology, ease of use, and functionality. Good job!

Bianca Carrow

Structural Engineer