Designing Virtual Training

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    Virtual Workshops

    We offer virtual design for your bespoke online virtual training workshops or complete remote programmes on specified subject areas.

  • Blended Learning

    Blended Learning

    Using our virtual design skills and experience, we offer you end-to-end blended learning programmes combining F2F, virtual workshops, eLearning and social learning.

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    Virtualising F2F

    We are expert at converting your existing F2F training content into a virtual design format, whilst maintaining learning transfer and solutions success.

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    Virtual Materials

    As a part of our virtual design services, we will provide you with a complete pack containing a slide deck, interactive virtual handouts and facilitator guides, all to support your virtual workshops.

Our Virtual Design Methodology

Our virtual design experts offer you superb results. They create virtual training solutions using our 8-step approach, starting with the end in mind. Our solutions are structured using the science of learning transfer and psychology. You can be assured we work to keep learners fully engaged and involved, always with a laser beam focus on learning outcomes.

Our Process For Virtual Design Projects

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    required outcomes
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    Agree on
    the programme

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    Approve the

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    Build the complete programme

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    Final sign-off
    from you

Your Complete Guide to Virtual Training

Article | A Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Training

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Our Virtual Design Principles

We have developed 6 principles that underpin all of our virtual design and delivery at The Virtual Training Team. These have evolved from the science of learning and our own experience of improving what we do all the time. Each principle points at boosting learning and interactivity and maximising transfer.
They are:

  • Purpose, purpose, purpose,
  • It’s all about them (it’s not about you)
  • We’re in it together
  • Safe hands
  • Sequencing
  • Flair

Want to find out more about how we can help you with your virtual design needs?

We love virtual design and every project is different, so if you have some specific design requirements you would like to discuss then we would love to start a conversation.

Case Studies

Virtual Workshops Case Studies

Training Design for USA/UK Training Programme

Converting F2F appraisal training materials to a virtual approach. This case study demonstrates the power of conversion to virtual training which enabled a programme to be delivered both inclusively and swiftly.

View Case Study
Training Design for Virtual and F2F Delivery in a ‘Flipped’ Format

Training Design for Virtual and F2F Delivery in a ‘Flipped’ Format

Designing training content for both virtual and F2F environments. This case study evidences how skilled design allows for training content to be delivered consistently both virtually and F2F including a ‘flipped’ approach for both.

View Case Study
Virtual Design Case Studies

Design for Virtual Global Vision and Values programme

Designing a global vision and values roll-out programme for a developing engineering consultancy - for all managers, in order to develop a consistent approach during times of growth.

View Case Study


  • E-Book | Everything you need to know about creating a Blended Learning Programme
    E-Book | How L&D can play its part in this climate emergency
  • E-Book | Diversity and Inclusion in Learning & Development
    Moving A Key F2F Event to a Virtual Think Tank
    Virtual Training - Building Confidence & Competence
    Your Guide to Delivering Great Virtual Training
  • COVID-19: Presenting an Opportunity for Refugees
    Growth Inclusivity


“Structure for design - got me out of my rut and also increased my confidence. Also loved the ideas for how to make slides more visually appealing.”

Oscar Navarro

Instructional Design Manager

“A big impact! I get a real sense of how we can use VC's to replicate classroom delivery much closer and create meaningful delegate participation that move webinar delivery from "tell" to "interactive learning" that is far more like a F2F class workshop, using the many available features!”

Sebastian Hawthorn

Head of L&D, EMEA