TTT for Facilitators

28th Jan to 17th Feb 2021 14:00-17:00 GMT
Zoom + MS Teams
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Welcome to your virtual world

Virtual training is the future, and it's time to get ahead of the curve.

You've already got all the skills you need to create memorable learning moments, but taking the leap into the virtual world isn't easy. You've got to contend with technology, the infinite distractions at the fingertips of every delegate, and the simple fact that engaging classroom material is anything but when delivered virtually.

We have the solution you need. Our Train the Trainer Programme, made up of 5 half-day Masterclasses, is for experienced classroom facilitators like you who want to deliver incredible live and interactive virtual training experiences. You'll learn everything you need to know about virtual training design, delivery, creating engagement, and more. Better yet, you'll get the chance to play with your new-found skills in a safe environment with two live workshops designed and delivered by you!

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Programme Dates

28th January 2021

1st February 2021

3rd February 2021

16th February 2021

17th February 2021


Location Zoom + MS Teams


Facilitator Catherine Nicholson
Co-founder, The Virtual Training Team

A quick introduction


The Programme

calender-colored 28th January 2021

Delivery Masterclass

100 tips in 3 hours that'll help you bring your brilliance into the virtual world. Learn how to transfer your existing facilitation skills into the virtual classroom.

calender-colored 1st February 2021

Design Masterclass

Your pathway to great design that works online. Everything you need to create engaging virtual training experiences that secure outstanding learning outcomes.

calender-colored 3rd February 2021

Interaction Masterclass

Banish those tumbleweed moments. Get conversations going in your virtual workshops that have everyone energised, involved and interacting.

Practical Masterclasses

Practical 1 image
Practical #1
calender-colored 16th February 2021

Play in a safe environment

Dive in and experiment with what you've learned to deliver the first of two of your very own 30-minute live and interactive virtual workshops.

Practical 2 image
Practical #2
calender-colored 17th February 2021

Show off what you've learned.

Using feedback from your first delivery, improve your workshop and show yourself (and everyone else) that you CAN deliver an incredible virtual workshop!

Once you've completed the Programme, you'll receive certification and a digital badge as proof of your attendance.

Take your in-person training brilliance to the virtual world.


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