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Case Studies

A multinational optical retail chain contacted VTT as they had a challenge to resolve - they had worked internally to move their training to a virtual approach and struggled. The programme had been halted and the client needed assistance to re-engage trainers to successfully make the move to virtual training.

  • To train the company trainers on virtual delivery, design and interaction.
  • To fully encourage embedding of virtual training in the trainer group.
  • To energise the trainer group and help them recover from the setback.
  • Help the trainer team realise the benefits to their colleagues and to themselves of embracing virtual training delivery.


VTT were engaged to run aTrain The Trainer Programme

A plan of delivery was mapped, agreed and delivered:

  • Delivery Masterclass
  • Design Masterclass
  • Creating Interaction Masterclass
  • 2x Live Practice Sessions

The client wanted speedy progress
VTT delivered the above and helped the client training team to establish skills and confidence in designing and delivering Virtual Training workshops


24 trainers were upskilled from F2F to Virtual practitioners in a timely fashion. Not only were new skills established but so was confidence and ownership of going ‘Virtual’. Workshops were rapidly designed and delivery has since been ongoing.
The complete programme has achieved what the client originally wanted to achieve - ‘speed to market’ of training delivery for new products etc, carbon use reduction, cost saving and reducing trainer travel.
Here is just one comment that meant a lot to the team at VTT from a trainer on the programme “Massive confidence in virtual training now.” It reflected all the hard work and skill that was invested in this programme.


Helping a company to recover from a failed internal attempt to move to virtual training.

This case study evidences a situation where an international company had attempted to move to virtual training without success - VTT the is asked to recover the situation and deliver the originally desired outcome of trainers being both upskilled and confident in virtual training.

TTT for a Public Body

This public body contacted us as they had recognised that training for them needed to adapt and evolve with the modern workplace. The primary challenges for the client were reduced physical working space; less room availability and a more geographically spread workforce. Their training, going forwards needed to be more virtually led and delivered in more bite-size learning chunks.

  • New learning demands of the organisation.
  • Requirement for both virtual design and virtual delivery skillsets.
  • Internal trainers and training designers with no virtual experience to date.
  • Misconceptions of what virtual training is and how it works
  • Some poor previous experiences of ‘digital’ training
  • Large numbers of trainers and training designers requiring upskill

This challenge was a new one for VTT as we were faced with training both training designers and training deliverers at the same time. Both groups had different requirements- one design and one delivery and yet the programme needed to be integrated for both. The approach was for the designers and deliverers to pair up and work on a sample design and delivery training that was bespoke to them throughout the TTT programme:-

Designers and deliverers were paired for the programme

The programme included the following;

  • Delivery Masterclass
  • Design Masterclass
  • Platform Masterclass
  • Creating Interaction Masterclass
  • X2 Practice Masterclasses

22 trainers and designers were trained and upskilled to go into immediate virtual action - in addition the TTT programme enthused and engaged the total team to go virtual. VTT provided support in between sessions as the trainers started to experiment and build their future virtual workshops.

The programme was completed over a 3 week period. Workshops were delivered virtually very quickly after the programme was completed and the feedback from participants who attend them has been totally positive. Demand on training rooms has been minimised, travel costs saved and all employees can enjoy training wherever they are sited.


A proactive move by a public body which wanted to keep up to date with changes in the workplace and the requirements of modern workers in relation to training approaches.

Interestingly this TTT programme integrated both training deliverers and training designers.

Complex Global Train the Trainer in Sales

There were 2 challenges to be met at the same time through the one TTT programme VTT was tasked to deliver. The client had a successful webinar training programme fully established in the US which they now wanted to take global and make virtual and interactive for their inside sales teams.
This required training their trainers to deliver virtually whist converting the webinar training into a virtual interactive one.

  • Training trainers across 6 continents, multiple languages and time zones.
  • Converting existing training material from webinar to interactive virtual workshops.
  • Creating global consistency of training delivery approach and learner experience.
  • Tight timeframes for completion of the project.

VTT redesigned the existing materials into 8 interactive, virtual workshops. These were then used as the live material for the TTT programme including the Practice Masterclasses.
The solution included:-

  • Delivery Masterclass
  • Creating Interaction Masterclass
  • Platform Masterclass
  • X2 Practice Masterclass using the redesigned materials

The above was complex to deliver due to geography and time zones - these were overcome by the TTT delivery from the UK being flexed late into the evening and very early in the morning!


A truly global TTT programme designed and delivered under time pressure to 16 trainers with no previous virtual training experience. The new inside sales training programme was very quickly delivered with improved results from sales people emerging immediately.

From a TTT programme to sales results across the planet in a very short, yet challenging lead time.


VTT undertakes its most global TTT project to date!

This case study describes a hugely complex and challenging programme of TTT with additional design requirements.

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The topics covered were relevant and the exercises supported and highlighted the importance of effective communication.

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The content and way it was presented was the right pace, easy to understand and engaging. I found joining in easy, which I didn't expect from an online course.

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Because of the spectrum of people within the workshop from all areas of the business I have a better appreciation of the pressures on people of different levels / teams across the firm.

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