Virtual Train the Trainer Programmes

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    Creating Engagement

    The core of our Virtual Train The Trainer Programme is to demonstrate the importance of and how to, engage learners throughout virtual learning workshops. New virtual trainers learn how to know build in interactivity and conversation to maintain participation and create true learning transfer.

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    Energy from the Group

    Trainers can feed off the energy they get from participants in a F2F workshop and this is what we work to coach in our Virtual Train The Trainer Programme. You will learn how to bring fun and flair to your group during virtual sessions.

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    Converting F2F Content

    Designing a virtual workshop is more complex than just taking the F2F slide deck and delivering it online. Our Virtual Train The Trainer Programme coaches participants to carefully sequence content to maximise learning transfer.

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    Tech Confidence

    Building confidence in handling the tech is a big part of our Virtual Train The Trainer Programme. When trainers know how to make the most of the technology they have in order to deliver virtual training, then the tech enhances the learner experience creating workshops that involve, enthuse and inspire.

What are people saying about Train the Trainer?

"I've been running virtual training for years but still I managed to leave the programme with a full page of brilliant tips and new approaches. I'm feeling very inspired about running my next virtual session and trying some new things out."

Caroline Boyd

Business Psychologist/Trainer MSc

Become a Blended Learning Expert

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Complete Virtual TTT Programme

The modules below make up our complete Virtual TTT Programme. Whatever your starting point, we will give you the tools to design and deliver brilliant virtual training. We can flex and tailor the process to best meet your needs.

  • Virtual Delivery Masterclass

    In this part of the Train The Trainer Programme we cover how to set up and begin a virtual workshop that creates learner engagement and involvement right from the outset. We share over 100 tips, techniques and processes that boost interactivity and learning transfer.

  • Virtual Design Masterclass

    In this Train The Trainer Masterclass we share our unique 8-step Building Block Design approach to structuring content and process. We use the science of learning and our sequencing template to focus on how to design virtual training that delivers results.

  • Interaction Masterclass

    This Train The Trainer Masterclass focuses on how to develop conversations in the virtual environment. We explore how the language we use and the way we ask questions can help or hinder interaction. We also share our structure for initiating group conversations using failsafe methodology.

  • Platform Masterclass

    With our Train The Trainer programme, whatever your platform of choice for delivering virtual training we can help your trainers become skilful and confident in navigating the technology. This includes how to set up breakout sessions, whiteboards, screen sharing, polling and annotations along with hands-on practice.

  • Practical Masterclass

    In this Train The Trainer Masterclass, participants prepare and deliver a section of a virtual workshop in order to put into practice all they have learned. The group share feedback along with a VTT master coach who will give guidance and share best practice. Our clients agree this Masterclass is a must have!

  • Trainer Certification

    Our TTT (Train the Trainer) concludes with the final module that provides participants with certification. Our Trainer Certification Masterclass is an opportunity for participants to demonstrate the VTT approved standard in their virtual delivery and/or design.

Want to find out more about our virtual TTT programme?

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your trainers get upskilled in virtual training with our Virtual Train The Trainer Programme. In the meanwhile, download the brochure for our TTT here.

Case Studies

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer (Recovery Approach)

Helping a company to recover from a halted internal attempt to move to virtual training with our Train The Trainer Programme. This case study evidences a situation where an international company had attempted to move to virtual training without success - VTT was asked to recover the situation and deliver the originally desired outcome of trainers being both upskilled and confident in virtual training.

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TTT for a Public Body

TTT for a Public Body

A proactive move by a public body which wanted to keep up to date with changes in the workplace and the requirements of modern workers in relation to training approaches. Interestingly this TTT programme integrated both training deliverers and training designers.

View Case Study
Complex Global Train the Trainer in Sales

Complex Global Train the Trainer in Sales

VTT undertakes its most global TTT project to date! This case study describes a hugely complex and challenging programme of TTT with additional design requirements.

View Case Study


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“Catherine is an absolute pro, incredibly knowledgeable and engaging at the same time - a winning combination. Amazing to have her to learn from, and I actually really enjoyed spending 12 hours virtually with her... I also really appreciate the offer of ongoing support if needed, and the community sounds great to use as a sounding board. Thank you to the Virtual Training Team!”

Kate Williams

Client Director

“I went into the session with low expectation - how could I stay focused on a virtual training session for the best part of 6 hours - it flew by and the VTT coach used all the facilities of the platform to make it really engaging and insightful thanks.”

Terry Lawler

In-House Coach

“The first thing that attracted us to The Virtual Training Team was the name itself. Virtual training was the very thing we wanted to introduce into our business so the clue was in the title. A free one hour demo was quickly arranged and from this we never looked back. The session was professional, engaging, interactive and it was also fun. VTT really brought the session to life and their passion for this type of delivery was clear for everyone to see.”

Rob Hughes

Learning Business Partner

“It was phased really nicely. I liked the way the programme built step by step. The practice sessions were really useful.”

Jane Clarke

Learning & Development Account Manager

“The tips for creating interaction - despite doing virtuals for a loooong time, I learnt new things. I also loved watching the coach in action - a real pro! Keep up the great work - you're an inspiration!”

Andrew Nolan

Head of Leadership Development