Train the Trainer

If you have trainers who are accomplished at face-to-face training who would benefit from a virtual upskill then we can help.

We can train and accredit your trainers in the Virtual Training Team way. This will provide them with the confidence and skills to provide virtual training which focuses on learning transfer and engagement.

Our Virtual Training Team Accreditation covers:

Virtual training delivery
Virtual training design
Building technology confidence

All of our Train the Trainer programmes are delivered virtually (of course!). The programme is broken down into 2.5 hour modules.

Virtual Training Delivery

Our Train the Trainer programme on virtual delivery covers the following areas:

Start as you mean to go on - setting up the virtual training room, welcoming learners and establishing learner expectations.

Being a techie in the virtual world - learning how to master the technology and functionality of the chosen platform as well as handling FAQs.

Mastering virtual training tools to enhance learning transfer - using breakout sessions, polling, chat, annotation tools, virtual handouts etc.

Building interaction - trainer hacks to ensure full interaction and engagement throughout the workshops, from start to end.

Extra flourishes - further ideas to make the delivery of virtual workshops feel real for learners, as if they are all in the room together.

Making the most of the Webcam - How to use the webcam to connect and interact with learners, Learning how to project the best of you.

Practice with coaching - Learners get to practice the new techniques and improve them further. Feedback is received from both peers and coach.

Accreditation - Learners deliver a final workshop session to demonstrate their skills and confidence. By reaching The Virtual Training Team standard, learners will receive our accreditation and badge that can be added to their LinkedIn profile.

Virtual Training Team Design

Our Train the Trainer programme on Virtual Training Design covers the following areas:

Start with the end in mind -Being clear on the workshop purpose and outcomes and using this to guide the process and content.

Building block design - Our specialised approach to designing workshop content and process.

Right process, right result - We explore of all of the process options to achieve emphasis, focus and transfer.

Building a virtual slide deck - A virtual slide deck has a very different purpose than a standard face-to-face slide deck. Here we explore how to design slides for the entire deck that guides learners through the learning and focuses their attention to where it matters.

Practice with coaching - Throughout the programme learners build their own workshop applying the techniques. Learners receive feedback from each other and their virtual coach in order to build their workshop up to an accreditation level.

Accreditation - Learners share their final workshop session design to demonstrate the skills and confidence gained. By reaching The Virtual Training Team standard they will get our Virtual Training Team accreditation and badge that can be added to their LinkedIn profile.

Designing in functionality for transfer and engagement - using the tech platform functionality to bring the content and process to life.

Design flourishes - the extra design tips and hacks that are the difference that makes the difference, making the workshops memorable, engaging, fun and real.

Creating interactive handouts - Virtual handouts that reinforce the learning during and after the workshop itself.