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All our workshops focused on soft skills training, are live and facilitated by one of our brilliant coaches. They are designed specifically to be run online on any platform, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, and more.

Our workshops involve an energetic start, setting expectations from the beginning. We design using the VTT Guiding Principles, for maximum engagement and learning transfer. We employ delivery techniques that increase focus, engagement and interaction with learners.

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Virtual Workshops
Virtual Design


Are you considering converting your F2F training materials to a Virtual Workshop design? Virtual design for interactive training solutions requires careful sequencing, visuals and process. We design virtual training programmes for companies globally on all subject areas. We keep participants engaged and involved, delivering the learning solutions you require.

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the Trainer

Our internationally acclaimed Virtual Train the Trainer Programme has been developed and refined over the past 5 years (we loved virtual before it was cool!) and it includes design, delivery and interaction approaches. We have already provided training and development to 2000+ seasoned F2F trainers, helping them move to the world of Virtual Training. We can train and accredit your trainers too.

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Train the Trainer

Virtual Training

Need help designing your Virtual Training solutions? We can help design your next management development or onboarding programme, or by converting your existing F2F training into interactive virtual programmes. Want to achieve blended, hybrid or flipped training solutions? We can help you with that too.

Want to find out more about Virtual Training?

Download our eBook; Getting Started with Virtual Training to learn more, and contact us for a chat.

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Case Studies

Virtual Workshops Case Studies

Coaching Conversations for Managers

Team members wanted both more and better coaching from their managers on an ongoing basis, so a programme was developed for delivery across India, the US and EMEA for ‘Coaching Conversations’.

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Train The Trainer Case Studies

Virtual Training - Building Confidence & Competence

This client had already planned to deliver 50% of their training virtual over the coming year. With the appearance of the global pandemic, this was accelerated to be 100% virtual.

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Virtual Design Case Studies

Design for Virtual Global Vision and Values programme

VTT designed interactive virtual workshops focused on vision and values for managers and also provided supporting materials.

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“Structure for design - got me out of my rut and also increased my confidence. Also loved the ideas for how to make slides more visually appealing.”

Oscar Navarro

Instructional Design Manager

“A big impact! I get a real sense of how we can use VC's to replicate classroom delivery much closer and create meaningful delegate participation that move webinar delivery from "tell" to "interactive learning" that is far more like a F2F class workshop, using the many available features!”

Sebastian Hawthorn

Head of L&D, EMEA