Meet our
Virtual Coaches

Tom Laughton Rockstart - Virtual Coach

Tom Laughton


Tom is a psychology-based coach and facilitator, delivering sessions to participants for years.
The focus of his sessions is to induce individual behavioural change, coaching leadership in times of change, performance management, leadership development and personal management, but much more too.
He loves to inspire people to create the changes that they want to see through fun, interactive and engaging sessions.
His virtual training deliveries have covered the following industries: banking, manufacturing, travel, energy and many more.

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Alasdair Howieson - Virtual Coach

Alasdair Howieson


After many years building and driving businesses, Alasdair discovered a passion for developing and leading workshops and seminars. He now creates and delivers workshops for both industry and educational institutes on topics such as: public speaking, gamification for business or creating value in client relationships.
It’s been said that he has a ‘hands-on’ approach, which allows him to really connect with his participants.

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Ingrid Wiese - Virtual Coach

Ingrid Wiese


Ingrid has coached hundreds of subjects, with thousands of participants and worked with some top performers across a multitude of industries. From Microsoft to Facebook, Disney to Unilever, coaching graduates to directors and everything in-between.
She particularly enjoys virtual coaching and training in the core areas of leadership, peak performance, goal setting and resilience.

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Carlos Garcia - Virtual Coach

Carlos Garcia


"I love how virtual training provides flexibility for participants and organisations. It is great how we have overcome the challenge of capturing the attention of participants and maintaining it, which is often a concern for L&D professionals. My absolute favourite thing though is giving people the chance to learn from people around the globe in real time."

Dayna Patterson - Virtual Coach

Dayna Patterson


Dayna is a skilled facilitator and coach, designing and facilitating soft skills courses such as Challenging Conversations, Influencing, Goal Setting and Performance Coaching for a wide variety of clients/industries. There are very few industries she hasn’t coached now, and she has enjoyed working with them all.
Her specific areas of expertise include leadership development, strategic management, diversity and inclusion and relationship management.

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tracy gunn - Virtual Coach

Tracy Gunn


Tracy is passionate about ‘Being at your Best’ - whatever that looks like for each of us as individuals and whatever the role we find ourselves in.
For some, this means learning new leadership/people skills such as giving feedback and influencing people. She brings a pragmatic approach to the work she does – using the question; “So what are you going to do differently?”
She believes that it’s the small changes that make the biggest difference.

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caroline boyd - Virtual Coach

Caroline Boyd


As a psychology-based business trainer and facilitator, Caroline is doing something she loves and is intensely passionate about – helping teams and individuals explore and develop their strengths, values and passions then guiding them to use these to get the best from themselves and those around them.
She believes that we learn best when we are fully immersed and enjoying ourselves – her training style is engaging and interactive and clients often comment on her inclusivity, positivity and infectious enthusiasm.

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paul tran - Virtual Coach

Paul Tran


As a trainer, coach and consultant, Paul has worked in corporate, private, public and charity sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.
He loves working directly with clients and as an associate for other learning and development organisations, focussing on working interactively, informatively and passionately to make learning practical, memorable and fun.
Essentially, Paul coaches others to make the small tweaks that make the biggest difference.

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Karen Sigalas - Virtual Coach

Karen Sigalas


Karen is a performance coach of over 17 years, specialising in helping high achievers and executives excel.
Recently she has been working with dynamic, fast paced SME’s, enabling determined, high achievers who don’t yet enjoy managing people, to enjoy it and to successfully deliver through others, resulting in high standards of excellence for themselves and for their business.
Through programmes of coaching and training, she facilitates improved communication, delegation, feedback and leadership skills.

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Catherine Nicholson - Virtual Coach

Catherine Nicholson


Catherine has been delivering virtual training for over 10 years and she LOVES it!
She has been fortunate to work with companies around the world on management training programmes, leadership training, graduate training and training other trainers on how to become a virtual trainer amongst many other projects.
Her favourite days are when she works with diverse groups of people from all over the world, coming together to learn through the magic of the internet!

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Karen Sigalas - Virtual Coach

Jenny Ainsworth


“With a strong commercial and operational background, Jenny helps organisations, leaders, teams, and individuals create a powerful, positive impact in their lives and organisations.
She designs and delivers memorable leadership, personal development and corporate events that transform businesses, change lives, and leave a lasting positive impact.
Her approach and research is grounded in behavioural science and she has an accomplished track record working across different countries and cultures across the world, as well as over 25 years’ experience working with and consulting in the, Retail, Engineering, Financial Services, Tech, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products and Hospitality industries among others."

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Catherine Nicholson - Virtual Coach

Sally Hinder


Sally is a first-class virtual trainer and coach, specialising in helping internal communications professionals and leaders achieve even better results and use all their strengths. She has delivered globally for many years, across many subject areas and with a wide range of clients.
She loves to inspire people to create the changes that they want to see through fun, interactive and super engaging virtual session.

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