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VTT were engaged to help our client meet their training needs across the globe in a number of ways. Having a global presence and wanting to be inclusive with training provision to all colleagues were key drivers for developing the solutions detailed below. Also, the benefits of reducing both travel and its cost were significant in their considerations.

Solution Area 1

VTT designed a number of Training Sprints for inclusion in the annual training calendar. These Sprints were designed as 90 minute bite size workshops to be delivered by a VTT coach. Subject areas included Delegation, Time Management, Getting Stuff Done, Giving feedback and more.

Some of these Training Sprints were designed for all colleagues and some specifically for managers. The client can now access and book these courses according to need and populate them into their overall training plan for the year ahead.

Solution Area 2

A 'blended' programme was designed for delivery to the annual Graduate Programme. This included design and delivery by VTT of both face to face workshops, primarily at the beginning and end of the programme. In addition Virtual workshops were designed and delivered across the programme as Skill Builder Workshops such as 'Communicating with Influence'.

Solution Area 3

The third solution was designed for the clients management population, focussed on delivering results through people. VTT developed 5 key training modules aligned to the client's vision and values. These modules are delivered via online virtual workshops and include additional toolkits for download, 'nudges' to encourage managers to apply their learning and playbooks to record their ideas and commitments during the workshops. All of these were connected to the client's LMS.

Solution Area 4

In conclusion, across the 4 solution areas, the client introduced major changes in their approach to training delivery. The decision was made to go virtual with live, online coach-led workshops being offered across the globe. This facilitated a huge reduction in cost of travel and use of carbon. The impact has been positive in relation to inclusivity, of access to training and limiting the impact of travel and overnights for colleagues. Previously, most training had taken place at the two main European headquarters which meant colleagues in South Africa, Australia and other countries had missed out on training opportunities.

If you would like to explore how to move some of your training delivery online then please contact us and we will be pleased to share our ideas.

Case Study in Designing Bespoke Online Workshops For A Global Engineering Client

VTT were contacted to help a leading brand to move some of their training from Face to Face (FTF) to virtual classrooms. The challenge they faced is becoming a common one amongst clients VTT work with - the client had already embraced the principle of going virtual and had decided to develop their skill sets internally which didn't work well.

Their initial outcome left them unconvinced - they had not achieved consistency of confidence or competence of delivery online. This resulted in their migration to online delivery stalling.

However, they did recognise that other organisations were getting online virtual delivery right by delivering well run interactive workshops that created worthwhile learning transfer. It was realised that the solution now lay in engaging a professional virtual instructor-led training (VILT) company.

VTT were contracted and a plan of delivery was mapped out for the delivery of training and the programme began. The focus was on achieving a standard of competence and skill in online delivery and design of materials such as slides, polls, questions, research and more. Alongside this an emphasis was also placed on using the technology both skilfully and seamlessly when running their workshops. All of the programme was aligned to the 6 Guiding Principles developed by VTT to inform and guide any virtual, online training.

The VTT training was delivered by Catherine Nicholson - who coached an initial team of 12 trainers who all had global training design and delivery responsibilities. Catherine led workshops in 3 focused areas:

  • How to deliver quality training in the virtual environment.
  • Designing virtual workshops to create interaction and learning transfer.
  • Using the technology seamlessly and effectively whilst delivering virtually.

In this instance, WebEx was the tech platform used. All 3 areas of focus were based in using the VTT Guiding Principles.

Once the trainers had received the training they had opportunity to practice by delivering live workshops in 20 minute practice sessions using the learning from the training sessions and the VTT 6 Guiding Principles. Catherine provided insight and feedback to all those delivering the practice sessions and this was positively received and deemed as essential to make real progress as an online trainer.

The client really wanted to make quick progress with their move to online training as they had pressing internal requirements - VTT were able to put the programme in place and for Catherine to deliver it within a constricted timeframe - days rather than weeks.

A key outcome from the initial VTT programme was that the client very quickly booked for a second tranche of 12 more trainers to go through the same programme. The 24 trainers who have now been through the programme gave feedback:

  • Took the mystery out of virtual delivery and design!
  • Opened up my eyes to how interactive virtual training can be.
  • Inspirational and improved my knowledge and skills.
  • Brilliant session - loved it! Thank you.
  • A really engaging and useful day - absolutely loved it.
  • Very relaxed, informative and well-paced covering all the topics that we needed to.
  • Really great to get a chance to practice and receive great coaching/feedback.
  • Improved confidence. Developed skills. Challenged my design thinking. Helped identify different ways of introducing virtual learning into our company. Had fun!
  • Massive confidence in virtual training now.
  • Fantastic virtual learning! Exceeded expectations and delivered in a really professional, engaging and fun way. Thank you for tailoring to our needs and creating such a warm and welcoming learning environment.
  • Brilliant, insightful and creative.
  • Really grateful for all of the ideas, support and guidance, as well as "offline" support given too!
  • Thanks, genuinely helpful and passionate...
  • LOVED it. Catherine set such a fun and professional tone.

If you have pressing needs to get your trainers online delivering workshops with great skill please contact us.

Project to upskill trainers delivering training in the eyewear market

A Brief Case Study on Training Trainers to Delivery Virtual Workshops

Contacted by a global player in the tech/language arena, we began a journey to help them achieve a number of key required outcomes. The client recognised that their internal trainers had become centred on delivering face-to-face (F2F) training in the countries in which they are based. This situation resulted in trainers not travelling and therefore not sharing expertise across borders.

An initial move to a virtual/digital approach with no expert support delivered disappointing results. It quickly became apparent that the trainer group had not acquired the skills or mindset to transfer their training to a VILT approach successfully. Virtual interactive sessions became "dreaded" and a webinar approach was adopted. However, this resulted in "just running through slides", "over talking" and being "exhausted" doing so.

VTT were then engaged to develop a solution - that enabled the trainers to embrace running virtual instructor-led training. VTT ran sessions on how to deliver interactive, engaging online workshops. Trainer confidence was boosted in how to manage the technology, develop interaction and create transfer of learning.

The training approach was transformed as was the engagement of participants. Trainers are now reporting 'enjoying' delivering VILT workshops across the globe with their internal colleagues. Results have "raised the bar" and "set new standards" in training delivery within the organisation.

Significant impacts of the VTT solution include "breaking silos", "crossing borders" and moving from a fixed "geographical bubble".

Talking the outcomes through with our client revealed some interesting thoughts and lessons learned that may provide insight to your approach in moving to VILT:

  • Do it sooner rather than later.
  • Don't assume traditional F2F trainers and materials will be okay online.
  • Make it important - to the trainer group and to the participants.
  • Support your trainers all the way through the process.
  • Keep improving and updating virtual material.

We hope this short case study has added to your thinking around your move into the VILT world. If you would like to chat with us or organise a demonstration, please contact us.

L&D Manager, Tech / Language Industry