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Safe hands for you

Acknowledging organisational differences, we partner closely with our clients to develop virtual training solutions that deliver. We are passionate about learning ourselves and love to keep growing and developing as individuals and as a team. Meet our Core Team!

Our Purpose

One of our core principles at the heart of The Virtual Training Team is “It’s all about them” - which means you of course!

We know that more organisations are making the move to embrace virtual training. We just want to help make it a success for your learners, your L&D team and ultimately your business.We do this by using our expertise in the world of virtual training to:

  • Build virtual training into your learning strategy
  • Design virtual learning solutions for you
  • Deliver interactive virtual workshops for you
  • Train your trainers to design and deliver interactive virtual workshops
  • Ready your learners for the virtual world
  • Be easy and fun to work with!
  • Catherine Nicholson

    Creative Lead
  • Emma Dickinson

    Business Development
  • Abi Kennie

    Content, Brand & Social
  • Rajesh Varun

    Marketing Strategist
  • Phil Daulby

  • John Nicholson

  • Chloe Cupid

    Training Coordinator
  • Anthony Phillips

    Business Development
  • Ashutosh Prasad

    Marketing Manager
  • Julesy

    The Studio Cat
  • Deepa Ramachandran

    Social Content


Our internal trainers all loved the virtual training delivery masterclasses VTT provided. It provided them with energy, new insights and ideas to improve their own training delivery.

I've never done a virtual learning session before and really liked the style, as for me, I thought there was a good balance of interaction Vs information, in addition to it feeling like there was a good opportunity for this learning environment to be both fairly formal and informal.

Hannah Sykes
Marketing Manager

Excellent, really engaging and motivating. It's great to think of different ways I can try and influence within my role (and externally!)

Emily Stephens
Digital Marketing