We are The Virtual Training Team

So what do we mean by 'virtual training'?

Well, virtual training is live, coach led, interactive, online training... and we love it!
Check out the 60 second video above to get a snapshot of what we do and how we can help you.

There are significant benefits to delivering interactive training and development virtually and these include:

Improving learners work life balance - Wellbeing is high on the agenda for many organisations today and virtual training can make a really positive contribution to this. Participating in a virtual training workshop from home or in the office means learners don't have to travel, get up early or arrive back late. There is no need for overnights in hotels away from family and home. No travel also means less stress!

Quicker learning transfer - With online, live, coach-led, interactive training, learners can learn useful things quickly. They can apply these useful things immediately once their virtual workshop is finished.
We work towards a modular approach, recommending sessions that last for 2-2.5 hours. So a traditional 1 day classroom training could be formed into 2-3 virtual training workshops.

Reducing your carbon footprint - To join a virtual training workshop a learner simply needs internet access, a quiet space and a headset. The technology allows access globally so removing the need for travel or the use of other resources. Virtual training really helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Reducing costs - By using virtual training, organisations are able to remove significant costs involved in providing traditional classroom training. Cutting out travel, hotels stays, meeting room and refreshment costs etc means organisations can invest directly in just the training agenda.

Making EVEN better use of the technology you already have - Most organisations are already using WebEx, Skype, Lync or similar platforms for meetings. We can deliver our workshops via your chosen system. Hence using the technology you already have with no add-ons or additional cost.

If you are considering moving some of your classroom training delivery into the Virtual world then we can help you...

Virtual Workshops

We deliver virtual training workshops on a huge range of topics. They are delivered live and interactively by one of our brilliant Virtual Training Team Coaches.

Train the Trainer

We can train and develop your trainers to design and deliver super interactive virtual workshops and programmes that deliver the results you want.

Virtual Design

We can design for you either stand alone virtual training workshops or entire blended learning programmes including virtual workshops. Additionally, we can work with you to convert your existing face to face training content to fantastic virtual training sessions.